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Compare and Buy the Best Health Insurance Plan There is no debating on the importance of having a medical insurance in a country like India that ranks very low on human life index. Every person must buy a good health plan that covers medical costs, hospitalization costs, treatment and laboratory test costs and even critical illness. As is rightly said, “Health is wealth”, one must be prepared to manage such a situation in life. Don’t get confused with questions like – Which policy to buy? Is Does this cover everything? What are the diseases excluded from this cover? PolicyBazaar is here to resolve all such confusions. Just compare policies from top health insurers on our website and buy a good plan. Let us know your basic requirements and we will find the best suited ones. You can then compare them side by side on parameters like premium, riders, benefits etc and choose the best fit cover.

Justify Health:Types of Health Policies in India There are various plans readily available in India to cover every aspect of a medical emergency. Some popular types of policies are explained below: Individual Health Plan - This is designed to cover an individual against various illnesses with cashless hospitalization and other add-on features. Family Floater Mediclaim – With this you can cover all your family members against diseases under a single cover. This cover offers a fixed sum insured for the family members that can be availed either by an individual member or as a sum total for treatment of one person. Surgery & Critical Illness Policy – This is usually brought as a standalone policy or a rider in case of treatment against serious illnesses like- cancer, kidney failure, heart attack, paralysis etc. As the treatment of such diseases is expensive so the premium is also on a higher side. Pre-Existing Disease Cover - After a waiting period of 2-4 years, various policies offer a cover against the pre-existing diseases -e.g. - diabetes, hypertension, kidney failure, cancer etc. Pre-existing disease cover includes the diseases or illness that the policyholder had before buying the policy.

Key Features of Health Insurance Policy A comprehensive health plan comes packed with features. Let us understand these features in detail so that buying a healthy policy becomes easy. Cashless treatment – Every insurance provider will have a list of hospital under its network and if you get admitted in these hospitals then you don’t need to pay anything. Just tell your policy number and rest everything will be taken care by the hospital and the insurance provider. This type of plan is the most preferred on because there is no stress of claim reimbursement and arranging the documentation. Pre and Post Hospitalization – This feature takes care of both pre and post hospitalization charges for a period of 30 to 60 days depending on the plan purchased. Ambulance charges - The policy holder is free from burden of transportation or ambulance charges as it is paid by the insurer. This is a add-on benefit and you should have opted for it while purchasing. R