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What is gymnastics? Gymnastics is a sport, in which athletes (called gymnasts), perform acrobatic feats -- leaps, flips, turns, handstands, and more -- on a piece of apparatus, such as a balance beam, or with a piece of apparatus, like a rope or ribbon.

Justify Health:Gymnastic disciplines Modern gymnastics has five different disciplines: Artistic Rhythmic Sports aerobics Sports acrobatics Trampoline Gymnastics Today Gymnastics goes 2000 years back to ancient Greece. The word "gymnastics" comes from the Greek word gymnazein, meaning exercising without clothes. Gymnastics was one of the sports in the first Olympic Games held in Athens, 1896. Some gymnastics has always been in both the Olympic and Commonwealth Games. However trampoline only became part of the Olympic Games in 2000.!

Artistic Artistic gymnastics is one of the sports people love watching at the Olympic Games. It is also one of the hardest to score well in. Gymnasts must be very fit and have lots of skills. There is Men’s and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics. The gymnastics in each are different. Men gymnasts need to be strong to do well in their events. Women gymnasts need to be able to stretch their bodies well and have a good balance. Rhythmic Rhythmic gymnastics has five separate routines. Each uses different equipment– balls, ribbons, hoop, ropes and clubs. The judges gives points for style and how well the routines are performed. Sports Aerobics Sports aerobics combine gymnastic skills with dance rhythm. In this event gymnasts have to perform their routines non-stop with excellent timing. The event lasts between 60 and 90 seconds and is judged out of 10 points. Sports Acrobatics Sports acrobatic is a lot like sports aerobics. But the gymnasts need to balance more and do harder movements. Trampoline The gymnast does not stop jumping, when they are on the trampoline. They make all their moves in mid-air. The gymnast's routines are marked out of 10 points. A gymnast gets extra additional points for doing harder moves. Training A gymnast must be 16 or over to compete in the Olympics and international events. Gymnasts often first start training when they are very young. The best gymnasts may train between 20 and 30 hours every week. Training sessions involve practicing moves, learning new skills, getting stronger and stretching. Gymnast's bodies Female gymnasts are small, lean and strong. Male gymnasts have strong arms and can bend and stretch easily too..