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People The people in Maharashtra called Maharashtrians are a result of the blending of different cultures, traditions and religions. You will find that people from all religious backgrounds live harmoniously and the people are extremely hospitable and welcoming. Excluding the urban centric cities much of the Deccan plateau of Maharashtra is home to tribal communities being Bhils, Mahadeo, Kolis, Gonds and Warlis (famous for their Warli Painting). There are small settlements of the Gonds tribes in Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa also. Their forest dwellings are still untouched by modernization as they continue to live and follow their lifestyles and traditions.Read more at

Justify Health:Cuisine The local cuisine of the state is the greatest indicator of the traditions of that partiular state. And Maharashtrian food has created benchmarks all over India with its nomenclature items like Vada paav and paani puri. Like most other states in India, rice is the staple food cooked alongside a variety of vegetable dishes. Meat and fish items are very popular, Bombil fish being the most popular specialty item. Pamphlet triphal ambat is a creamy dish made with fresh Pomfret fishes. Bharlivangi is the most famous vegetarian side dish prepared by stuffing spicy coconut filling into brinjals. People also indulge in cooking Pachadi, a mix of seasonal vegetables in a sauce of coconut and green mangoes. Some of the famous sweet dishes are puran poli, shreekhand and modak.Read more at

Religions Even though 83% of the Maharashtrian population is Hindus there has been a prevailing sense of secularism in the state with all the other religions co-existing peacefully. The Hindus pray to Ganesha and Lord Krishna in his Vithal form making Ganesh Chaturthi and Janmashtami the most grandly celebrated festival in the state. Apart from gods they also worship many Bhakti saints. Muslims comprise over 10% of the total population of Maharashtra. Next most popular religion is Jainism followed by Christians. Apart from these religions there are also smaller pockets of Sikhs, Buddhists, Zoroastrians (Parsis and Iranians) and Jews.Read more at